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I already have a . 63x or 7x focal reducer accommodating them. 2). 63x Reducer 0. 3 and f/4 instruments respectively. 8mm diameter, and f8 11. These style of Telescopes have very slow optics mostly at f10, often necessitating a Focal reducer for most objects, but many users are happy to use then at native f10 for smaller objects like tiny Planetary Nebula and Solar System views. 2, Celestron’s RASA is clearly very fast indeed, comparable to prime DSLR lenses. 3 SCT Reducer/Corrector. Your proper example is a wonderful contrast. Eng Test Report – Sep. The focal ratio, or f/ number, is the focal length divided by the aperture. Can also be   25 Jan 2008 The Meade Focal Reducer (and similar) is priced from around $200, while I was unable to use the normal SCT T adapter to reach 105mm, due to is a view of the composite image for each FR for comparison of vignetting. 3 Specs: 94175: This clever accessory makes it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument, without sacrificing image quality; The Reducer/Corrector is f/6. 00 Focal Reducer Benefits: Posted on May 5, 2011, 1:23 pm Author: Jen Winter : Exploring the Focal Reducer in Visual Observations. Dec 13, 2019 · Anyway, I took about seven images of the Moon with my Celestron C6 telescope (without a focal reducer) and a Canon T3i camera body attached to it. Ease of Use : This is a difficult characteristic to quantify but is equally important to the other two. 5 F/R mounted to my DMK 21 Celestron had already been sold to a Swiss company back in 1980 and by 1985 or so, quality began to slip. The naming convention of SCT focal reducers is a little confusing. Focal Reducers; Imaging Accessories; Eyepieces. In most telescopes the focal length is roughly equal to the length of the tube. There are many aspects to a focal reducer and you will find them all discussed in this complete overview! Category For example, an f/6. 1. 3, reducing exposure times by about 60%. 63X and a . 3 optical system. Images taken by Dr. Table 1 shows the results of measuring the image scale for the guider and the resulting image scale for the main camera along with effective system focal The classic SCT shows prominent coma. 2) Celestron Radial Guider (Off Axis Guider) - These are used in longer focal length imaging. 6x Barlow 2x Barlow 2. Meade Instruments: A world leader in the manufacturing of Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, Microscopes, Optics, Binoculars, for amateur astronomers and hobbyists Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes – Buying guide & Comparison . No single piece of this kit weighs more than 20 lbs, making it easy for one person to transport and assemble. that as far as I can see (I am NOT EXPERT) would be very difficult to do any better Q: Can I use an F/6. My 8 inch SCT has a 2000mm focal length, which is reduced to about 1300 with a f/6. Inside the OAG is a prism that picks off some of the light coming through the scope and hopefully it will contain a star or two. 25" 0. 3 reducer together with binoviewer providing wider and brighter field of view. • 2” Intes enhanced diagonal. In refractive astronomical optical systems (lenses, refractors, SCT's with refractive corrector plates, or any telescope with an integral or external focal reducer), an external IR block filter must be inserted in the imaging chain such as a Baader UV/IR Blocker or Astronomik L Clip-In Filter. You can also change the telescope or lens, of course. The Burgess is a 1. Ontario Telescope presents the Antares 6. Celestron Reducer 94175 F/6. TeleVue. Even with the focal reducer, your focal ratio will be around 8. One way to get around this is to use a focal reducer, which I have always found cumbersome: remove diagonal, screw in focal reducer, replace diagonal, insert eyepiece — repeat procedure again and again, as required. 9). The ETX125 Observer has a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep-sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation. 5 focal reducer on the camera and had no issues bringing the scope to focus . 63 focal reducer for my WO GTF81 refractor that will also accept a 2" filter. Depending on how your focuser “grabs” eyepieces (with a compression ring or with setscrews) you may also need an extension ring on the front of the Reflector Vs. Planetary Cameras USB3. Meade once made an f/3. We are your source for astronomy telescopes, eyepieces, astroimaging cameras, and more! Browse an extensive selection of astronomy equipment at Telescopes. Oct 19, 2015 · Re: Edge HD vs standard SCT Lots and lots of guys have used the regular C11 over the years along with a focal reducer to get some darn nice photos. comparison, I did have the opportunity to compare two 8-inch LX90 telescopes, one 8-inch SCT. 3 SCT Focal Reducer Focal reducers are very versatile accessories. There's a lot more area for light to be collected for visual, and the additional focal length would be better for planets. 3 focal reducer/field corrector. A typical refracting astrograph may be f/6, while a reflecting design may be f/4. 3 SCT focal reducer for use with its cameras so this implies that vignetting will not be that bad at 0. 25" one full F-Stop faster than f/10, reducing your exposure time by half to capture the same brightness of object Add to cart Celestron Reducer Lens . The focal length is too long, the f/ratio is too slow, the mirror can move depending on orientation and the fork mount isn't very rigid. , no binning) which yields an image scale of 0. Threads into rear cell of any Meade SCT. The Lumicon Giant Easy Guider is both an Off-Axis Guider and a Focal Reducer in one instrument. Apr 22, 2020 · Focal reducer for sure. Revelation 0. 0 Camera ASI183MC (color) $549. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. • I used a Denkmeier Standard for comparison purposes. 3 focal reducer on an 8" f/10 SCT cuts the focal ratio to f/6. Captive Bronze compression ring I planned to reduce Bertha’s focal length via the good, old Jim Riffle designed f/6. “A” is a chart of the region, “B” shows the view using no focal reduction, “C” was taken using the Celestron 0. In comparison Alpy 600 magnification is nearly unity. The camera is an SBIG ST-8300M (monochrome) CCD. 25 barrels but I noticed the f6. Sep 28, 2016 · by Michael Barber Guidelines for selecting the best camera for your telescope and observing conditions: This section outlines some of the basic issues one should consider when making a camera selection: Cost, size, field of view, sensitivity, resolution, cooling, guiding and software. 6FR Focal Reducer - Results. May 24, 2018 · A stack of three images of 30s, 90s, and 120s with a Mallincam Extreme video cameras with a Meade 8” LX10, focal reducer, and light-pollution filter. 5x Barlow 1. ZWO ASI294MC Pro Astronomy Camera - ASI294MC-P Mar 01, 2017 · I am using EdgeHD 8 SCT with ZWO ASI1600MM-C for imaging. 63x reducer, and “D” taken using the Meade 0. Two OTAs is the way to go. 5x focal reducer in the 102GT). 5 May 2011 Recently, we were testing eyepieces for side-by-side comparison and I added an ATiK brand . 18Mega pixels, 15000e full well, 1. Inside the box is a bottle style case and a two-sided instruction sheet. This Meade Series 4000 Focal Reducer cuts telescope focal ratios by a factor of 0. I have been fortunate to have a TEC 140 APO refractor for imaging. Flats were taken for each of those 4 channels individually. 13th, 2013 Objectives: I have used focal reducers (FR) with all of my various telescopes at one time or another. This is true for your telescope and for your camera lens. 5x Focal Reducer on the 9. (See Note 1 at bottom. Visual Variable Stars Obs. Triplet Refractor - Comparison of . The finish is a nice high gloss and is the exact same adapter that currently comes with Meade 99% dielectric diagonal. Will also provide much improved results on refractors with focal lengths narrowly outside this optimised f/range. 8 lens Nov 09, 2004 · Well, based on my previous topic post, I've decided to buy a guide scope to use on my SCT. LX200 SCT with . To add a narrowband filter to a Mod3 used as an eyepiece, you need a 1. 4. 3 reducer/flattener is available for larger sensors but it is a compromise because flatteners and reducers perform different functions and the ideal position for the flattening component is inside the telescope, not outside. 4 micron camera (such as in a STF-8300m), I needed a focal length of about 1110 mm. Every focal reducer is designed to operate optimally at the position where the reduction factor RF is the quoted value, 0. The question I'm pondering now is that of focal length. December 17, 2007: AR 10978 High resolution movie. Properly designed binoviewers make for absolutely incredible viewing sessions. For deep-sky objects like nebulas you need as wide a “wide-angle lens” as possible, which requires a focal reducer or even better, the Fastar system on Celestron SCTs. another expensive focal reducer. 3 focal reducer that I had to get to 1260mm. 3 for C5, C6, C8, C9 and C11 telescopes and f/7 for the C14 telescope A high-quality, non-focal-reducing Field Flattener optimised for DSLR imaging on refractor telescopes with focal ratios around f/5. To achieve that image scale with a 5. The RC is heavier than an SCT of the same size, which also made me opt for the 6″ version instead of the larger 8″ (13 vs. Each image I changed the exposure time to capture details that a single exposure would either make too dark or too light to show finer details. Celestron and Meade) will cause modest vignetting which can be removed by an accurate CCD flat frame, but would be difficult to remove from a photographic image. Regarding Andromeda, the focal length of an 8″ SCT means you will be looking at the core, and won’t have the outer arms in the frame. The reason for doing so was to: “speed up” my optics to reduce exposure time, increase my field of The EdgeHD . Ignore the inequalities of light pollution. 75x Focal Reducer for GSO Ritchey Chretien OTA Reduces GSO Ritchey Chretien Telescopes from f/8 systems to f/6 - incr Regular Price: £93. 3 SCT Focal Reducer will widen the field of view on your SCT or Mak. 25" eyepieces. The narrow 500mm FOV (1000mm focal length with a 0. 2M pixels sensor IMX224 with SONY Exmor and NIR Technology. The new reducer will optically flatten the images yielding pin-point stars to the edge of your photographic frame. This part is no longer in production,  26 Feb 2014 There are many different types of focal reducers and they all effect the way your light is gathered in different ways. 25 f/10 2350mm f/l SCT with Celestron 0. One is the regular SCT and another is aplanatic flat-field SCT, the likes of Celestron Edge. It was used strictly for imaging, not visual observing. It has a wonderful focuser, and when used with the Astro-Physics 0. Threads into rear cell of any SCT with a standard SCT Thread. The Reducer lens . R, G, and B were all binned 2x2. 25 I already owned a 42mm LVW so a focal reducer for visual was never needed (or wanted). Left image taken with Celestron 11" Edge HD SCT with focal reducer at 2,000mm Canon 700d Celestron CGEM DX Mount Totland Bay UK Image processed to mimic colours of the narrowband "Hubble Pallet" Right hand comparison image from Hubble Space Telescope appx $2 billion cost This large 127mm aperture and 1900mm (f/15) focal length marry the portability of the ETX with Meade’s premium optics. Pattern noise of Canon DSLR cameras. Most of the others I found state that they are for SCT's. Even with reducer attached the optical path is now much shorter. Canon Rebel XT or CCD Labs Q8-HR). 3EXT can get long when it all goes together TOP: F-0. We have a complete selection of Meade telescope accessories, including hard cases for storing Meade Telescopes, original Meade Eyepieces, Camera Photo Adapters for astro-photography, Meade Barlow lenses, Meade Tripods and more! Optics LX200R 10" SCT Focal Reducer: Optec Lepus 0. You can see the coma around the edges, but that's pretty severe focal reduction with an SCT reducer. Conclusion. 67 focal reducer not designed for the EdgeHD) in place. The 2” barrel can then be inserted Thanks for the nice review. 3 reducer/corrector, which would take her from about 2800mm to 1764mm which is a darned sight better than nearly 3000, but still… My experience over the years has been that as soon as you pass 1500mm, getting good tracking becomes harder. The fact that I could use it with a focal reducer in the SCT, more than negating the magnification caused by the OCS and the binoviewer was another unanticipated benefit. 2 built in barlow this does not cover too much area and gets you in pretty close so I wanted to see if a reducer would work for a more backed out view . 8L II USM analysis. This marked the start of not only the tremendous Typically, however, they have long focal lengths, and a reducer/corrector might be desirable to achieve a wider field of view. 1) 0. Imagery of the Sun in Hydrogen-alpha light. The reason behind it is that the light is traveling twice the distance and convex curvature of the secondary mirror, and the mirror is magnifying the focal Celestron C9. 7x - EdgeHD 925 Focal Reducers A focal reducer is a lens system that mounts on the rear cell of a scope in front of a flip-mirror, camera, or diagonal and eyepiece. The SCT, with its longer focal length, has a subsequently narrower field of view. Inside the case is the focal reducer with caps on both ends. . In the quest for very wide fields, I have hoped to use this scope below its 390 mm focal length on an APS-sized chip (e. If someone wants to use their Celestron or Meade f/6. Hyperion Focal Reducer. Canon DSLR noise analysis and ISO selection. To photograph planets you need a “telephoto” view, which at a minimum is the prime focus setup on an SCT but probably will be better with a barlow lens. Refractor Vs. With the optional reducer / flattener, the f-ratio can be reduced to f/9. F/5. A longer focal length requires a longer telescope housing. We can help you choose the design that works best with your observing style. Meade does have a 0. Jun 06, 2016 · The Revolution Imager came mostly packaged in a nice soft-sided case containing the camera, 7" color monitor (with adjustable stand and wireless remote), small wired remote for the camera, 1. The 1st image is a view of the composite image for each FR for comparison of vignetting. An accessory that any C6 owner should immediately purchase is a right angle, correct image finder scope, or at least a red dot finder like the Celestron Star Pointer, to replace the stock 6x30 straight through, inverted image finder. 3 i have not used it but hoping that would solve the problem would appreciate your views so one can achieve two objectives with one scope. Sorry. I purchased this reducer for use with a Stellacam II video camera on my Celestron N8i SCT telescope. 3 reducer works well visually or photographically. Focal Reducer "HIDDEN CAVITY" Super Feature All models of Docking Focusers have our exclusive Focal Reducer "Hidden Cavity" feature machined into the rear of their moving tubes. Focuser is a Rigel System. 63 Focal Reducer/Field Corrector Hi Everyone, Not sure if I should direct this question to the Telescopes forum, but as it specifically relates to the visual observation of variables, I thought this might be the best place. Last night I did the initial focus with a Reducer On Etx 90 05 May Meade ETX-90 Focla Reducer Meade ETX 90 OTA + Adapters - CN Classifieds - Cloudy Nights Meade ETX-125PE ETX Back cell Meade Focal Oct 13, 2018 · Unfortunately, the reducer that celestron makes will produce intolerable image errors because it is also old, uses cheap glass and has problems with the spherochromatism from itself and the sct correctors. The setup has image scale of 0. 63x Focal Reducer/Field Flattener (f/6. 7 meter focal length, though here used with a 0. The Best Astrophotography Telescope for a Beginner 5 hassle-free telescopes capable of jaw-dropping deep-sky images using a DSLR camera and a tracking EQ mount. Guide Scope versus Off-Axis Guider. Dec 27, 2011 · Hello. Focal Length. 3 Focal Reducers - by Gary Honis. I recently had the opportunity to compare the Meade f/6. Courtesy David Hanon. 63 in the case of Meade. Reducer Body Detailed Look At Focal Reducers by Jim Thompson, P. Below is a still frame from a time-lapse movie of active region 10978 on December 17th, 2007. Given I still use a little Celestron CG-5 EQ mount, I felt going over 25 lbs when adding the cameras and guide scope would be pushing the mount a bit much. All images are binned 1x1 (i. Getting the autofocus to run reliably with my short focal length AT65 was easy and it works every time. With this Meade Focal Reducer, imaging exposure times are roughly cut in half. 3 focal reducer with a 2" diagonal on my 8" Meade SCT for 11 years. 7 reducer so focal length is 1422 mm. SCT in the star field while attempting to identify the variable and its comparison stars. 5 from f12 and i really love the wider view and image brightness. I looked at a lot of alternatives trying to get close to that. Night Owl - . 67x Reducer 0. To my knowledge, there haven't been any systematic high resolution comparison tests of these focal reducers, so I decided to shoot a test chart and put together a matrix of 100% crops. 66 (so F3. 25” SCT is an excellent choice for intermediate level astroimagers looking to gather 33% more light than our 8” telescope, but without the added weight of our 11” optical tube. The m-180 comes with a built-in 6x30 finder scope. In the tests the Antares model was found to be identical in all key  The massive Tele Vue 21mm Ethos eyepiece is the longest focal length available with an 11-inch f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (SCT) that the eyepiece truly One way to get around this is to use a focal reducer, which I have always By comparison, a Plössl eyepiece of the same focal length has slightly less than  to find a . With so many types of astrophotography cameras available, choosing a specific model to spend your hard-earned money on can be a tough decision. 3 focal reducer for SCT scopes. This image of Venus was taken with a Celestron Nexstar 8SE and a TeleVue x 2 Barlow giving a focal length of 4000mm at f20 - more zoomed in than Ive tried before with Venus imaging. ED80 Focal Reducer Comparison and Shootout. 5. Sort By Items 1 - 25 of 213 . Uncle Rod Mollise’s Used SCT Buyer’s Guide 6th Edition (2005) Would You Buy a Used CAT from this Man? A Chaos Manor South Production Introduction This little book was born of but one thing: my country grandmother’s injunction to “waste not, want not. 29"-16tpi Celestron Large-Format SCT, male, Item RR329: $99 NOTE: Reverse Port Rings are the reverse thread (male or female) to its matching counterpart - Docking Port Rings. Discovered by: Yukio Sakurai (Mito, Japan). 15x Barlow 1. 25, a focal reducer would mean using shorter focal length 1. Canon EF 200mm f/2. Even a majority of the smallest inexpensive telescopes are capable of revealing the rings of Saturn, the cloud belts of Jupiter, hundreds of star clusters and even distant galaxies. Improves edge-of-field correction and reduces exposure times by close to 50%. Its interesting that the software thinks my focal length is actually 5500mm - could be because there is a long imaging train of focuser, flip mirror box, filter The SCT, with its longer focal length, has a subsequently narrower field of view. I had planned to use the focal reducers with my LXD75-8"SC but the day I  63 reducers used in SCT's rather than the telescopes themselves I understood the OP was talking about FR comparisons . All subs were 5 minutes in length. Astronomy and science equipment for all skill levels and applications including professional telescopes and child friendly telescopes. 3 focal reducers sold by celestron/meade/etc screws directly onto the tube and then I think you screw the eyepiece holder onto it (am I correct in assuming this?). 63x focal reducer. Now this diagonal allows to use f6. This will only work on a moving mirror SCT scope. ASI224MC has a 1/3″ and 1. I couldn't get very many sharp frames for this bow-tie shaped nebula, but I was able to extract some structure along its perimeter and nice pink color in its two lobes. 8) consists of SBIG ST-8300M camera, Astronomik filter drawer, Orion SteadyStar Adaptive Optics Guider with StarlightXpress Lodestar as a guiding camera and Teleskop Service SCT 0. 33 and about 10mm spacer giving focal reduction of about 0. Hence, the specifications for a typical telescope, for example the ubiquitous Celestron C8, are as follows: 8" (203mm) clear aperture, 2032mm focal length But LISA is equivalent to a x0. It will vary as you rack the focal reducer in and out. 25 inch Celestron EdgeHD. 5x Barlow 2. You are correct in your diagnosis of the conditions under which these two shots were taken. SkyPortal App. I read that 0. Recently, we were testing eyepieces for side-by-side comparison and decided to try something else fun. The Meade focal reducer comes in a small box. Version: 1. 3 reducer I already owned, everything I had read indicated that a faster focal ratio would "blow my socks off". 42mm diameter, f5 2. If it does bind, don't buy a focal-reducer because you wont be able to attach it (it requires standard "SCT threads"). Images 2-5 compare each corner from a sample image with the corresponding corner from the other images. Celestron’s FREE planetarium app is an astronomy suite that redefines how you experience the night sky. Hi, I have a Vixen vmc110l and want to buy a focal reducer. Cool down time may be an issue in cold climates. SCTs are of two basic types. And if binning is a goal, use a focal reducer to get a head start. For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: (800) 720-6364. While a lot of scopes in the US measure aperture in inches, most often you will see focal length in millimeters. 1Mb: A follow-on test that repeats my focal ratio work using my 8" LX-10 SCT. 7x focal reducer and 0. Jul 02, 2018 · July 2, 2018. More powerful focal reducers are limited to photographic use, but the f/6. Then, after operating by itself for a few years, Celestron was acquired by the Chinese Synta company in 2005. Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT coatings provide maximum light transmission. The focal length is the distance from the initial optical element to the focal point where the light rays come together. 3, on two frames using Nikon D7100 digital camera + 180-mm f/2. "Playing With Focal Ratio 2", 1. Versatile design accommodates 3 focal ratios: native f/10, f/7 with the addition of a focal reducer, or ultra-fast f/2 imaging with a removable secondary mirror and third-party accessories. $279. The problem of course is that it is quite slow at f/10, has a very demanding 2350mm focal length and has quite […] Categories: Reducer - Corrector , Review | Tags: celestron , corrector , reducer , sct A Televue Paracorr increases your telescope's effective focal length (and, thus, f-ratio) by 15%. Antares F/6. I had planned to use the focal reducers with my LXD75-8"SC but the day I picked up the Meade focal reducer was the same day I discovered that the telescope and almost all my accessories had been stolen. However, there were lots of problems with that scope. My point i was  The Antares f/6. Oct 12, 2017 · A focal reducer may not be an option for already fast systems. 78mm diameter, f6 4. 2 would represent a worst case scenario when a telescope such as a Dob is used with an optical corrector. They can produce great results in experienced hands but can be extremely frustrating to learn on. 3 Reducer Corrector for C Series Telescopes at Amazon. 8x Reducer 0. g. 19 lbs). The specifications for focal length and aperture are measurements given in inches or millimeters (or both), while the focal ratio is calculated by dividing the focal length by the aperture. Aug 31, 2017 · Focal Reducer: A device that shrinks the effective focal length of the telescope. The diagram above shows how the SCT Corrector improves the off-axis spot size on a Celestron 11" SCT. This item is a visual back for an SCT (Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope) and comes as well with a 1. 8 reducer/corrector. F/7 is using the binoviewer a Refractor or SCT with a focal length reducer (FLR) in place giving roughly a 40% reduction off of the f/11. Thus: TELESCOPE FOCAL LENGTH / CLEAR APERTURE = FOCAL RATIO For example, a telescope with a focal length of 1000mm and a 100mm (4") clear aperture has a focal ratio of f/10 (1000/100=10). 3 focal reducers for SCT ad MAK telescopes. In comparison, the EdgeHD’s spot pattern is tight, concentrated, and remains small from on-axis to the edge of the field. 99 buy DETAILS This superb fully multi-coated multi-element focal reducer takes advantage of the latest computer aided design techniques to achieve the highest standards of performance set by the brand leaders at a fraction of the cost. So, if you have a 200 mm telescope that has a focal length of 1000 mm, it is an f/5. Thanks again ! HOTECH SCA Field Flattener Patented High Quality Optics Designed for Refractor Telescopes This field flattener is fully multi-coated on two-element lens allowing the most efficient light transmission without sacrificing the precious collected light from your telescope. Not so when trying to image with my SCT. Antares f/6. This is a fantastic product and probably some of the best money spent on a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. Using a Celestron f/6. This will become a main part of my new imaging setup from 2009 onwards. 4x SCT Reducer / Corrector. Camera is a Canon T2i DSLR. 38mm diameter. But it A Celestron focal reducer/corrector increases the versatility of any f/10 or f/11 SCT, from the C5 to the C14. Recall that the focal ratio (or simply f/ratio) is the focal length of the instrument divided by the aperture of its primary lens or mirror. I am getting a cellestron powertank along with the nexstar 6 se so that solves my power problem Usually, SCTs are a f/10 and have a . It increases field of view by 43% for better wide-field images. The model I have has the self- 206,265 x pixel (or sensor) size / focal length of the telescope (or lens). The telescope's native F10 focal ratio is much too long for use with this camera, and although I was achieving what seemed like good results with the f6. Eyepieces used with a focal reducer yield lower-power views. 63x, converting f/10 and f/6. Let’s get right to it. 5x Reducer 0. This tends to look like a white blob. Jun 19, 2019 · Now I’m attaching SCT F6. With the 4. Narrow maximum field of view (can be improved using a focal reducer). 13 Jun 2019 Meade once made an f/3. I have recently bought a meade made in japan f6. 3 SCT Focal Reducer Antares f/6. However the focal reducer does not have to be installed, so the tall focal reducer style flange can be picked if the scope is to be used for both visual and imaging. Comparison with Newtonian Telescopes: The same page shows that the diameter of the coma free image with Newtonians varies with f number as follows: f4 has 1. 4 (750mm). It is a variable focal reducer that will reduce an F/10 optical system to F/3. 3 or a F/3. 63x Celestron reducer - This makes the telescope faster and also gives it a shorter focal length. ” Next I went for M2. S. ) In each set of images the native system (ie no focal reducer) is placed in the center. CPWI Software. Performance is similar on other size telescopes. It is fairly easy to reduce down an SCT to f/3. Feb 26, 2014 · A subtle focal reducer will gather less light but give you less vignetting. For Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain models. 33 focal reducer and the ST-7E camera digital SLR but this is a compromise given their inability to be cooled to reduce noise and their lack of H-alpha sensitivity, but despite this they make a reasonable compromise for versatility as a day camera. OPT provided the two SCT Focal Reducers for this comparison. My notion of “superior" includes “would I notice a difference under normal circumstances?” and “is it easier to use in practice?” May 05, 2014 · I tried using it with and without a 0. 00. 5 to f6. The savings can be significant. Barlow / Reducer: None 0. 73x Reducer 0. Assuming high quality optics, the diameter of the point of light is determined by the telescope’s focal length (longer focal lengths result in larger star diameters) and the sky's ‘seeing’ conditions My current setup for C14 imaging at high focal ratio (f8. An Read Article The FR237 Focal Reducer and eFinder Assembly is actually two accessories. 25 reducer. A C8 + AVX will be usable for some light DSO work with a reducer but don't expect miracles. 47 arc-seconds per pixel. 9Mb: An extensive test using my ED80 APO refractor, visually comparing the effect of different focal ratios and different integration times. Not only did all my eyepieces come to focus, but field curvature was LESS than at f/10. 265 with the pixel size expressed in uM. A telescope makes a wonderful gift for someone who has an interest in the night sky. This part is no longer in production, but it is sometimes available used and may be used with cameras with smaller sensors. 3 SCT Focal Reducer £84. Luminosity was unbinned (1x1). The assembly is screwed directly to the back of the SCT Optical Tube Assembly and the system speed will be f/4. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Celestron f/6. 3 Focal Reducer with Ted Agos Universal Focal Reducer Adapter Tube (2009+) In early 2009 I purchased a Ted Agos Universal Adapter Tube fitted with an Antares focal reducer. The F-0. 75X telecompressor. 63X focal-reducer acts as an f/6. Testing the Antares 0. Can anyone give me some ideas how to get it work reliably? It’s an 8" EdgeHD SCT with . 3 Focal Reducer on a refractor, a ScopeStuff 2” Eyepiece Barrel to Schmidt Thread Adapter (Part # TAEP) can be screwed into the focal reducer. 75 and it is an ultra compact wide field telescope that may be used for imaging, an electronic finder or autoguiding. It converts the telescope from  11 Oct 2008 OPT provided the two SCT Focal Reducers for this comparison. 5X focal reducer onto the Tele Vue 32 and 40mm plossl's It should be noted that I have tried the . I've taken a large number of images with this configuration with great success. You can attach the camera into the visual back (Meade calls this an "eyepiece-holder") using the 1. For visual or 10/30/2008. Mar 08, 2014 · An overview of the Celestron f/6. As such it should be considered as a critical Nov 20, 2017 · In other words, the focal ratio is the ratio of the focal length and clear aperture. 1-inch 400mm f/l refractor mounted as a wide-field scope EdgeHD optics produce a focal plane more than three times flatter than a standard Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and dramatically flatter than other competing coma-free designs, guaranteeing you visibly sharp stars all the way across the imaging sensor. At f/2. A 42mm LVW (and 2" diagonal) is quite expensive though and a focal reducer could be a cheaper option. The native sct unfortunately has only f10. 5″/pixel with 0. 5X focal reducer onto the Tele Vue 32 and 40mm plossl's respectively. Beginners (myself included) usually start with a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera as they are cost-effective and versatile, and I still think it’s the best way to go. HyperStar requires only a telescope, HyperStar lens, and camera. It acts as a “wide-angle converter” and changes the focal ratio, or if you prefer, the effective focal length of a scope. Imaging with an SCT without HyperStar requires a focal reducer, equatorial mount or wedge, a guidescope and guide camera (or camera with an integrated autoguider), and potentially a more expensive camera to provide a larger field of view. Mar 20, 2020 · The final two graphs below compare the Nexstar 8 (left) with a focal reducer/corrector in place with the EdgeHD (right) with a non-native focal reducer (AP 0. When mated to Diamond Steeltrack Focusers, the Pushfix uses up only 1mm of height, saving precious back-focus. With ANY focal reducer, including the Meade f/3. 3 focal reducer. The advantages of the Adapter tube are several Astronomy CCD & CMOS Cameras for Telescopes . I have always been interested in the topic of image scale but have had poor understanding of how it affects imaging. My standard practice is to image binned 2x for a scale of 0. Secondly regarding the Focal length although the SCT has f/10 one can buy the focal reducer to F/6. 3 (include Anti-amp glow function) Extremely low read noise (0. If the measured focal length is FL, the optimum distance from the lens in the focal reducer to the image plane, F2, in this case the slit of the The FR237 Focal Reducer and eFinder Assembly is actually two accessories. I added an ATiK brand . net. 75e – 1. Remember that Andromeda with its spiral arms is over 2° across, but you have a field of view of less an 1/2°. 95 arc-seconds per pixel. Mike W. The data itself was taken on the night of September 4th, 2013. The effective focal length is much higher than the primary focal length. Advanced VX 9. 75x photographic reducer, gives a reasonable fast focal ratio of f/5. And a guide scope I think if I go that far. If you want to photograph galaxies, nebulae, etc then the 8" SCT is really jumping in at the deep end. 6e read noise, 19FPS@full resolution, each feature means a new posibility! Another very popular telescope is the 'SCT' or 'Schmidt-Cassegrain'. 3″/pixel without focal reducer. 7x focal reducer lens makes your EdgeHD 1400 a full f-stop faster than f/11 and reduces exposure time by half to capture the same brightness of an object. 3 focal reducer with ScopeStuff adapter ring and standard SCT visual back, I did manage to get some very pleasing views of some of the winter’s best deep-sky showpieces. 3 focal reducer made for the older SCTs? # posted by Matthew Ota : 12:54 PM Matthew, I'm not sure that's a fair comparison, since, the Edge has other corrective optics built in. Investing in the SCT adapter and the focal reducer lens is not chicken a small off shore island 5 miles out to sea as an object for comparison. 25" UV/IR cut filter, cables, battery pack with AC charger, two printed sheets of instructions and a small manual If we were to move and change to a much longer focal length telescope, something like the Celestron C11, which is a 2. Hmm. The Mewlon series from Takahashi features Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes for visual observation. 8 and the 3” model will reduce the f/7 115mm and 130mm refractors to f5. 6 times more light per pixel. The eyepiece of the telescope also has a focal length. For example, my Sky-Watcher Esprit 120 refractor has a focal length of 840mm and my Nikon D7500 has a pixel size of 4. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener #07545. Cost / Size The best camera for you isn’t always the biggest or most expensive. 00 ASI183 has much potential, 84% QE peak, 20. If you’re short on time, but you still want to find the best Schmidt Cassegrain telescope for your requirements, this paragraph may be able to give you a hand with selecting the right model. C5 SCT and x0. The ratio of these two focal lengths gives you the magnification of the telescope. 3 1480mm f/l) on an Orion Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G mount Celestron NexStar 127SLT f/12 5-inch 1540mm f/l Mak with Orion ST-80 f/5 3. 7x Reducer 0. CCD Suitability Find the optimum camera/telescope combination for your skies A telescope focuses a star as a round point of light. 6 reducer, then if we look again at what field of view we’d get, you can see we can just about get the Horsehead in this time, so that’s a field of view that’s probably Orion Focal Reducer -Corrector The Orion 80 mm ED Apochromatic refractor telescope is in Orion Nebula, taken with Televue TV-85 refractor, 0. 75x Barlow 3x Barlow 4x Barlow 4. A very powerful focal reducer  3 Dec 2014 The Starizona SCT Corrector is a focal reducer and field flattener for standard Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. (NB. The 'pushfix' reducer incorporates unique features not found in any other reducer. 63. An 8” SCT is probably my second choice, especially if you are interested in doing some planetary imaging. J. For wide field images the 2” focal reducer/flattener will reduce the 80mm refractor from f/6 to an f/4. 25" adapter, 1. Discovery magnitude: unfiltered CCD magnitude 10. 2 which is rather high. 62X Apparent Size: 25" x 18" Comment: This is a miniature version of M76 - a tiny planetary nebula about 10,000 light years away. 25” - 2” adapter that I then inserted the Burgess into. Show . With this combination and a generic 25mm Plossl yielding 68x, the Great Orion Nebula was awash in delicate tendrils of sweeping nebulosity set against a A lot has been written and discussed on the web about what f-ratio really means for us as astrophotographers. Is the autoguiding accuracy of this mount good enough for imaging with my setup? I am currently using an AVX and getting horrible results. Telescope Calculator Results: Focal Length: The distance (usually expressed in millimeters) from a mirror or lens to the image that it forms. Meade f 6. 85x Reducer 1. 8. With the EDGE HD series Celestron have produced 'separate' flatteners and reducers for each model. When used visually, they extend the field of view. Some vignetting and light falloff is usually visible at the corners and edges of DSLR images and large format CCD images, although this can be nearly or fully eliminated by taking a flat-field exposure and using it during Sep 28, 2015 · The ratio of the focal lengths is 5, so bin the image from the SCT 5x5 pixels and you would have the same resolution on the subject with 5. Aperture area is key in astrophotography, both in resolution and light collection. I used an f/6. I screwed the SS onto a 1. 3 reducer flattener was used so the focal length is close to 1260mm. 72x Reducer 0. A Celestron Powerstar III 8" SCT with a f/6. For DSRL sensor size C8 SCT does not give good flat field and for photographic use reducer souds to be good solution. 14 Jun 2016 Focal reducers are frequently used with small sensor cameras to increase their Updated: 2016-08-02 added M7 FOV comparison and better  This combination focal reducer and field corrector lens accessory works with all Celestron T-Adapter with SCT 5, 6, 8 with 9. Likewise, an f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain with a 0. Here are 2 images with the 0. 7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 9. 25” device like most current binoviewers. 2x Barlow 5x Barlow Would you say that this F7 focal reducer is more better than the old F6. 25, 11, 14, Black (93633-A). 33x Reducer 0. Just insert your Celestron or Meade focal reducer into the back of your 2" TOADLOADER, and your new, focal reduced profile has just been cut to zero. Feb 20, 2014 · Since Metabones released the first general purpose m4/3 focal reducer in June 2013 several more products have appeared on the market. Reverse Port Ring, 3. 2 uM. The Celestron focal reducer I used is also a field flattener (it's called a focal reducer-corrector). "A Beginner's Guide to DSLR Astrophotography, rather than being just a less comprehensive rehash of topics already covered in some of Jerry's other books on the subject, actually manages to cover in appropriate detail much of the material critical to getting started in the hobby the right way, and even ads some new tips not found in previous books. Other brands of focal reducer (e. Credit: Jim Thompson. Also, be aware most focal reducers will often vignette low-power widefield eyepieces, FOCAL REDUCER TESTING "Playing With Focal Ratio 1", 3. The flanges come in 4 thread sizes for SCTs, 2" SCT thread size, 3 1/4" Celestron thread size, 3 1/4" Meade thread size, and 4" thread size for Meade 16" scopes. ) For the purposes of our calculations, it is simpler to use 206. Baader's Pushfix Reducer is the perfect low-profile 2"/1¼ reducer for the Newtonian and SCT Steeltrack focusers. I buyed my first model, Baader Alangee2 abt 3 years ago, but i was not happy with resu Antares F/6. I already get the maximum FOV from the C9. A 10" f/4. 25" Nosepiece and a T-ring for your camera. Or televue powermates Orion 08x focal reducer /flattener William Optics. 4x Reducer 0. His 20-minute exposure was with a 7-inch Astro-Physics refractor operating at f/6 with a focal reducer. 3 telescopes into much faster f/6. In 1998 Celestron was sold to the dreaded Tasco, which itself folded in 2002. Might need to use a wider scope to image this. For comparison purposes, some of these tests were also done on my TMB 80 SS. The Nexstar 8 shows a very typical brightness curve, while on the EdgeHD, the light balance is still very flat. The 1 st image is a view of the composite image for each FR for comparison of vignetting. 3 Focal Reducer/Corrector lens. I made yesterday some testing with my 12y old Celestron C8 SCT and reducers/correctors. com. According to our research, Shop with Explore Scientific for high quality eyepieces, telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes backed by a warranty you can trust. By the time you buy the focal reducer and the adapters needed to mount it to the scope, you will be well over $100. 5X focal reducer, 1. Nov 27, 2011 · When I got my C9. Rc telescopes have faster aperture than sct work but they need intense collimation. Take control of your telescope! Download the Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software. Both parts come with brass compression rings to avoid damaging your valuable eyepieces and assure you a solid grip on them. Event: Nova in Scutum - N Sct 2018 = TCP J18292290-1430460. Add to Cart. As it's name implies, it is a large and substantially constructed device which weighs nearly 2-1/2 lbs with the lens installed. tem with a focal length of 3,556 millimeters. 63 focal reducer (for example, the f-ratio of telescope + spectrograph is here f/4. 3X SCT style focal  Improves edge-of-field focus, reduces exposure times and widens the field of view. 5 one that screws on to 1. GSO 200mm and TEC 140 APO Comparison. 25x Barlow 2. A stack of 29x 6sec subs. Wainwright M31" Tonight, I tried the focal reducer on my f/5, 80mm refractor with the Mintron video camera (which has a 1/2 inch chip). Originally I used a Celestron C8 with a f/6. 8X and f/6. Antares vs Meade comparison. A curved focal plane cannot produce consistent results on a flat CCD chip. The compact and reliable refractors below have all proven themselves worthy of a night under the stars. The curvature of the primary mirror dictates the focal length of the telescope. If you are looking for a medium size telescope for deep sky observing and lifting a 60 lb OTA is an acceptable prospect for you, I recommend that you consider this telescope among your choices. 8X was the most you could do with a newt but you would need the. 3 reducer corrector for my Orion 150mm f12 mak, it’s not a direct fit on the mak visual back so i bought mak to sct adapter and a sct visual back and it works nice on mak, making it f7. The scene played with the  See the Balancing An SCT page on this site for a description of ways to Focal Reducers A focal reducer is a lens system that mounts on the rear cell of a scale for CCD cameras (see the Comparison of CCD Cameras for more information),  A direct comparison has been made (by Antares) with the popular Celestron f6. 5 e) and high sensitivity especially in IR range Astrophotography Cameras. A combined f6. Threads directly onto Schmidt-Cassegrin SCT rear cells. Cookbook, Tutorial, and Articles related to Astrophotography,including full IRIS image processing tutorial. Moving at a steady imaging pace now, I tried to get the Helix Nebula to no success. All these are, of course, very inferior to the edgeHD's 40mm diameter coma free field. The reason for doing so was to: “speed up” my optics to reduce exposure time, increase my field of Detailed Look At Focal Reducers by Jim Thompson, P. So many more stars resolved from dark skies in comparison to LA's light polluted skies. - Barnard 72 with an ASI290MM & meade 0. The “coma-free” SCT is indeed free of coma, but field curvature causes its off-axis images to become diffuse and out of focus. An 8" is definitely a great upgrade over a 6". Here are the results from several rounds of testing on the scope. F-ratio is simply the ratio of the focal length to the size of the aperture. 3 reducer? A: We recommend the Astro Physics . 3 Series 4000 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener with the Antares f/6. 7 with a Paracorr is effectively a 10" f/5. 25" filter that may require an adapter to screw on to the front of the NV unit. May 20, 2018 · I agree with most of what is said in three previous answers. SGP is newest beta of 2. e. For example, this Celestron NexStar 6 SE with a short tube and 6″ aperture has an effective focal length of 1500mm. 3 with a Meade reducer and you can go up in focal length as high as your seeing will allow for planetary work. 8x focal reducer, Canon 40D Photo Sharing Login Help. The focal length also dictates the overall length of the telescope. 0. The exact focal length of the reducer/telescope combo depends slightly on where in the optical path the SCT Corrector lens is placed. They are inserted in the Sidewinder's rear camera port to continue your imaging train using the same large-format threaded coupling as the input and more versatile than a Meade or Celestron reducer corrector. 3, the distance between the CCD and the back of the focal reducer element is a critical distance that will make a big difference in the image. sct focal reducer comparison

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